The Power of Vulnerability

patti smith photo
Photo by Man Alive!

Here is Patti Smith, great artist and writer, displaying tremendous vulnerability in service to art and friendship.

This is not overtly about coaching.

I am sharing this video of Patti Smith singing during Bob Dylan’s Nobel ceremony because it is poignant poetry, but
also because it is a great example of excellence and vulnerability.

She speaks further of the flub here:

“I hadn’t forgotten the words that were now a part of me,” she writes. “I was simply unable to draw them out.”

In her candid, poetic piece published Wednesday, she says guests at the ceremony received her kindly and told her that her performance “seemed a metaphor for our own struggles.” She says the experience made her “come to terms with the truer nature of my duty.”

“Why do we commit our work? Why do we perform?” she writes. “It is above all for the entertainment and transformation of the people. It is all for them. The song asked for nothing. The creator of the song asked for nothing. So why should I ask for anything?”