The Coach’s Dilemma– How to Stay Healthy

Coaches–Read this article about NBA coaches, stress, sleep and health challenges for coaches. It truly is the coach’s dilemma–how to stay healthy amidst all the stress and pressure.

“We’re all told what to do, but we don’t do it,” one coach said Sunday. “We’re all told we have to eat healthy, we have to exercise and we have to get our sleep. All of us. Every coach. This is not like, ‘oh, wow, I never thought of that.’ But it’s hard to do it.”

Sure there is more pressure in the NBA, but I bet this rings true for far too many coaches.

Some players take losses to heart, to be sure. But coaches wear them like a woolen coat. Numerous coaches have spoken of walking the streets in their home cities after especially grueling losses, replaying key moments repeatedly in their minds.