Keys to a Successful Preseason

Preseason starts soon for coaches around the country. It’s an exciting time that most coaches have been preparing for and anticipating throughout the summer. So, in anticipation here are some keys to a successful preseason. Know Your Goal for the Season. Then Don’t Focus On It: I was listening to a podcast about a very […]

Set Your Preseason Priorities

Preseason begins today for many Division I soccer programs.  For others we are just a couple days away. One of the great things about a fall sport preseason is just how focused everyone is on the team. There are no classes to attend, no tests, few other students on campus, many of the athletes are […]

Deliver a Great Preseason Film Session

Recently I was lucky enough to watch a great coach run a preseason film session with her team. Film is such a great tool for teaching and providing feedback to your team.   I was struck by some of this coach’s techniques and thought I would share them here. Nothing Personal She began by setting […]