The Inner Game of Tennis Revisited (Notes)

I have written about The Inner Game of Tennis before many times. It keeps coming up in articles I’m reading and in conversations with athletes. I am repeatedly surprised by who has not read it, as well as who has and who reads it on repeat. I’m revisiting it for myself, but am including some […]

Season Off to a Slow Start? 8 Ideas for a Team Turnaround

Sometimes a team turnaround is required early in a team’s season. We’ve all had that moment in a season, right? I know I certainly have. Everything started with excitement and anticipation and then three games, or five games in, you find yourself on the wrong side of results. There are a million reasons why this […]

If You Want to be Great. You Have to Put in the Time

It’s a recurring theme you read from all the best athletes and coaches: You have to put in the time. If you want to be great. There are no shortcuts. Nobody can do this for you. You have to put in the time. Develop the habits and discipline to be great. In the words of […]

Mental Representations

I just read a great New Yorker piece on Tony Romo’s talent as a color commentator.  It’s well worth your time.  The in-depth look at Romo’s ability to predict what’s next in a game reminds me of the great insight in the book Peak by Anders Ericsson about the importance of mental representations in athletic […]

Managing Pressure

Here is an interesting take on the NY Yankees approach to managing pressure. Their mental conditioning expert Chris Passarella would like to reduce the hold that pressure has on athletes by eradicating the use of the term altogether. In his estimation athletes create pressure for themselves based on their expectation of success. Passarella says, “Pressure […]

Focus, Language and Performance

In a new post on the USA Volleyball site John Kessel presents a big change in his teaching and feedback. He is adjusting to an external focus when teaching skill to his athletes. What does this mean? Based on the work of Gabrielle Wulf, the author of a textbook Attention and Motor Skill Learning,¬† Kessel¬† […]