Women Coaching in the NBA

Adam Silver, the NBA Commissioner, recently endorsed the idea that we will see women coaching in the NBA. Specifically that there will be a female head coach in the NBA. The key, he states, is to create a pipeline by which women have the relevant experience. “There definitely will,” Silver said about female head coaches. […]

Pete Carrill, Legendary Princeton Basketball Coach

Pete Carrill legendary Princeton basketball coach wrote one of my favorite coaching books.  The name of the book The Smart Take from the Strong is a play on the quote “The strong take from the weak, but the smart take from the strong.” When I was a young coach working at a very academic school, […]

Russell Westbrook In Pursuit of the Triple Double

I missed this last week.  The New York Times did a feature on Oklahoma Thunder basketball player Russell Westbrook. Sam Anderson unpacks Westbrook’s genius as a player, his famous basketball relationship with teammate Kevin Durant who has departed for the Warriors, and his personality. It’s a great read. Changing Role Rarely do you see a […]