Make Use of the Time Between Seasons

I learned the term “liminal” in my graduate history program back in the 90s so forgive me if I get this a bit wrong. It was my medieval religious history class. It always stuck with me. Liminal means threshold in Latin, but it also points to the space you are in when you are in […]

Deliver a Great Preseason Film Session

Recently I was lucky enough to watch a great coach run a preseason film session with her team. Film is such a great tool for teaching and providing feedback to your team.   I was struck by some of this coach’s techniques and thought I would share them here. Nothing Personal She began by setting […]

Early Success in Sports: Does it Predict Future Success? (Updated)

Early success in sports rarely leads to success at later ages.  Why is this? Let’s look at the work of Dr Arne Gullich who is the Director of the Institute of Applied Sport Science at Kaiserslautern Institute of Technology. He reported recently at the 2016 Youth Athlete Development Conference that there is no correlation between […]

A Coach’s Influence Beyond the Field

What is a coach’s influence? I just came across this lovely tribute in Runner’s World to cross country coach Elmer Swanson written by his student, running legend Amby Burfoot. Here is his description of Swanson: A good throwback, despite the nasty chewing-tobacco habit, which he gave up a year or two later. Elmer was a […]

Coaching Philosophy: Every Coach Needs One

Geekwire’s Taylor Sopire examines Pete Carroll’s coaching philosophy. He details why Pete Carroll is one of the best coaches working today. The trajectory of Carroll’s coaching career changed after he read a John Wooden book. The book convinced him that success would be determined by the quality of his plan and the depth of his […]

Coaching Wisdom from Dean Smith

The website The Coaching Assist is full of coaching wisdom. The two women coaches do a great job of interviewing coaches at a wide variety of levels to get their insights about the game and the profession. They also provide detailed information on books. Here they provide an excellent summary of the book The Carolina […]

Focus, Language and Performance

In a new post on the USA Volleyball site John Kessel presents a big change in his teaching and feedback. He is adjusting to an external focus when teaching skill to his athletes. What does this mean? Based on the work of Gabrielle Wulf, the author of a textbook Attention and Motor Skill Learning,  Kessel  […]

Be a Magnet: Work Culture

Can you be a magnet for others? Can you create a culture that employees choose to join? Forbes takes a look at the recent decision by Yahoo to end their work from home programs and mandate that all employees now work out of the office.  The article brings up an interesting point for coaches and […]

Sir Alex Ferguson: Keys to Successful Professional Coaching

 Sir Alex Ferguson Keys to Successful Professional Coaching: What makes Sir Alex Ferguson the Manchester United Manager such a successful and remarkable coach? Roger Bennett, who blogs at “The Relegation Zone” sheds some light on the iconic coach in his review of a new case study written by Harvard Business Professor Anita Elberse entitled, “Managing […]

Building A Coaching Culture

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” ― Benjamin Franklin I went to dinner the other night with a few friends who happen to be high school coaches and teachers. They have all been working in these professions for decades. The conversation was lively and free […]