Scott Brooks: “You Have to Develop The Greatness Out of All The Players”

Scott BrooksI had not heard of Scott Brooks (probably in the minority) until I read an article on Yahoo about his success as the head coach of the Washington Wizards. Brooks formerly of the Oklahoma Thunder has led the Wizards to renewed success recently.

Yesterday I wrote about OKC guard Russell Westbrook. He developed into an NBA success story playing alongside MVP Kevin Durant, but he is now the team leader and the star of the Thunder. The NYT published a fascinating profile of him.

Scott Brooks clearly played a pivotal role in the development of both Westbrook and Durant. In addition the Thunder enjoyed tremendous success under his leadership.  Despite that he was let go when the team failed to make the playoffs in his last season.

He landed with the Wizards and is once again developing a great tandem of guards at Washington.  His point of view about development may be the reason why.

Here he is speaking about Westbrook and Durant:

“People forget, they weren’t drafted [as] great players. They were drafted [as] great potential,” Brooks told The Vertical of Durant and Westbrook. “And it’s the same thing here. You have to develop the greatness out of all the players. It just doesn’t happen. Can’t just take a vitamin overnight and say, ‘This is the great player vitamin.’ … You have to put your time in.”

Read the article and his respect for the athletes he coaches shines through. Surely that is one key to his teams’ success.