6 Lessons From Joe Torre

I’ve kept a handwritten list of six lessons from Joe Torre over my desk for the past decades. I want to keep them front and center and top of mind.

Lessons from Joe Torre

Here are the 6 Lessons From Joe Torre
  1. Ditch the motivational speeches–more 1 on 1, short informational, philosophy daily
  2. Be intense, not tense–passionate about teaching, focus on the competitive nature, relaxed on game day
  3. Each person must feel useful –clearly defined roles, speak often to all players, everybody is important
  4. Don’t punish failure–hold to standard, but don’t yell or sub out on error, celebrate success
  5. Manage against the cycle–hard on team when succeeding
  6. Manage your boss

I can’t remember where I got these lessons from Joe Torre. Whether someone else put out a list or I distilled them from an article. I wish I could remember in order to give credit.

I do know that when I get too far from following these rules that I am not as good a coach. They seem simple, but all are hard to do regularly, which explains his tremendous success and longevity.

Lessons from Joe Torre