Fall Reading List: What Makes A Great Team

Fall Reading List

What I’m reading now with a focus on great teams.

focus on great teams

I first read about the Fearless Organization when researching Google’s Aristotle Project, which looked at the reasons behind successful teams.

There were multiple factors, but the most significant: psychological safety.

This book looks at the link between psychological safety and successful teams.

Amy Edmondson also has a Ted Talk.

Focus on great teams

I’m in the middle Turn the Ship Around and already can recommend it to anybody looking to change the outcomes or the culture of a team or organization.

He willingly acknowledges his own errors and details his steps in decision making and change.

This is a leader-leader model.

focus on great teams

I love reading about teams, their journeys, successes, failures and the lessons learned.

I highlighted an article written by journalist Melissa Isaacson a couple weeks ago, but have now put State on my list to read.

Evokes an old favorite from the 90s In These Girls Hope is a Muscle about a successful high school basketball team that finally pushes through to the championship.

That’s all the books included in the focus on great teams list for now.

I’m learning fewer is better.

I may add to this list as they present themselves.

Here’s the Summer Reading List –Notes, reviews, etc will be completed in the near future.

Finishing up 59 Lessons by Fergus Connolly. Enjoying it.

Other books about great teams:


Boys in the Boat

The Secret Game

Team of Rivals

The Captain Class

Solutions for not so great teams:

Five Dysfunctions of a Team

Update: Adding a novel to my list. I read Handmaid’s Tale when it first came out and The Testaments will be no different.