The Certainty of Uncertainty

I’ve let a month go by without putting anything up here on The Coaching Conversation, but I have been writing, and reading, and working. I just have not been sure that I had anything to add to the greater conversation at this time. Many of my friends and colleagues are producing great content and sharing […]

Want to Grow? Embrace the Challenge

I was burning through a fitness blender recently followed by blistering 4:30 minute half mile intervals (ha ha) and it occurred to me,  I don’t want things to be easy. When I frame things up within an “embrace the challenge” mindset not only can I change most habits, but I actually enjoy the experience more, […]

A Coaching Career: Begin Again

I watched this movie once that was largely unremarkable. The title was, I believe, Finnegan Begin Again and the lead character would repeat that to himself like a mantra each time he failed or had a misstep. “Finnegan, begin again.” Although I have forgotten the movie I’ve always remembered the phrase. If you coach long […]

Succeed When Heading to Tournament

This afternoon many soccer coaches and teams will learn their NCAA fate. A handful of bubble dwellers will be disappointed by the committees decision, but most teams hosting a watch party will be celebrating the decisions. And, they will be immediately be thinking about their announced opponent and how to succeed while heading to the […]

Make Use of the Time Between Seasons

I learned the term “liminal” in my graduate history program back in the 90s so forgive me if I get this a bit wrong. It was my medieval religious history class. It always stuck with me. Liminal means threshold in Latin, but it also points to the space you are in when you are in […]

The Inner Game of Tennis Revisited (Notes)

I have written about The Inner Game of Tennis before many times. It keeps coming up in articles I’m reading and in conversations with athletes. I am repeatedly surprised by who has not read it, as well as who has and who reads it on repeat. I’m revisiting it for myself, but am including some […]

There’s Still Plenty of Time

I recently read about the Nationals heroic comeback in the 10th inning of a playoff game to eliminate the Dodgers and advance to the National League Championship. Sports are so often about two things: the power of narrative and momentum. “For the fans who showed up through all those miserable days that we had early: […]

Life-Long Learners Need to Learn This

We toss the term life-long learner around as an identity casually and without really identifying what we mean by that term. But life-long learners might need to consider this lesson. If you can’t explain something to a first year student, then you haven’t really understood. Richard Feyman I know I do it. Toss the phrase […]

Why Quality is the Key. Not A Lot, But Much

I was an average Latin student. It was one year of my life and I have a scarce list of retained learnings. One is a joke: Siempre ubi sub ubi (“Always wear underwear”). Another is a favorite English phrase: Cum grano salis (“With a grain of salt”). My philosophy teacher had a saying that really […]

Stay Focused. A Win is Just A Win

Stay focused. A win is just a win. I know I’m in danger of getting stuck in tautology here, but put the emphasis on “a.” Don’t get caught early in the season thinking any win is bigger than it is. It’s just a win. Why do I mention this now? Because we’ve already seen some […]