The Inner Game of Tennis Revisited (Notes)

I have written about The Inner Game of Tennis before many times. It keeps coming up in articles I’m reading and in conversations with athletes. I am repeatedly surprised by who has not read it, as well as who has and who reads it on repeat. I’m revisiting it for myself, but am including some […]

Fall Reading List: What Makes A Great Team

Fall Reading List What I’m reading now with a focus on great teams. I first read about the Fearless Organization when researching Google’s Aristotle Project, which looked at the reasons behind successful teams. There were multiple factors, but the most significant: psychological safety. This book looks at the link between psychological safety and successful teams. […]

Learning from a Stoic

“Choose not to be harmed and you won’t be harmed. Don’t feel harmed and you haven’t been. The quote above is from Marcus Aurelius the Emperor of Rome from 161-180 and a practitioner of the philosophy of stoicism. Do you know much about stoicism? I got curious in my twenties based on my friendship with […]

Ben Hogan: Five Lessons For Any Golfer

“The greatest pleasure is obtained by improving.” Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons is a charming book. I am not much of a golfer. In fact, one of my friends advised me to just say “no” when people asked if I golfed. This despite the fact that I do like to get out on the course and […]

Mastery: The Process of Learning

I loved The Art of Learning by Josh Waitzkin. I listened to it on Audible while driving across the country so I don’t have my notes as readily available as I might otherwise. I am buying the book so that I can “read” it again, but until then here are a few brief thoughts.  The […]

Summer Reading List

It’s summer time and that conjures up for me the high school summer reading list. Do you remember your reading lists? I loved getting that list and for the most part read right through it and many other books as well. I read books that I would not have picked up without the requirement, like […]

What is Your Culture?

What is your culture? I was lucky enough to be in the room a few years ago for a conversation with a very successful and prominent coach. There were about 12 coaches there to hear him speak. The coach asked a question, “What do you center your team around.” Not all responded, but most said, […]

Quiet Power: Not Everybody Will Be the Same Kind of Leader

Do you coach an introvert or have a really quiet athlete on your team?  Perhaps you are an introvert yourself? If so, you may want to take a look at Susan Cain’s books, Quiet and Quiet Power. Quiet reminds us to make room on our teams for the introverted athletes without requiring anyone to change […]

The Mind is Always There

The title of this post comes from a great book, The Way of Baseball Finding Stillness at 95 MPH written by Shawn Green. You do not have to be a baseball fan to enjoy this book.  I am not one and yet I found this book incredibly compelling. A coach I respect recommended it as […]

A Story is More Powerful Than A Lecture

A story is more powerful than a lecture. Here are three valuable books: Chop Wood Carry Water: How to Fall in Love with the Process of Becoming Great When I saw this on the summer reading list of a friend whom I respect, I thought that is interesting–they are reading a book on Buddhism.  I […]