Be a Magnet: Work Culture

Can you be a magnet for others? Can you create a culture that employees choose to join?

Forbes takes a look at the recent decision by Yahoo to end their work from home programs and mandate that all employees now work out of the office.  The article brings up an interesting point for coaches and their teams. Do you mandate behavior or can you create an atmosphere that people voluntarily want to belong to and participate in?

In other words, are your policies a magnet for great people or do you need to mandate?

“Rather than attempting to spur communication and collaboration by fiat, Yahoo would be wiser to concentrate on creating an atmosphere that acts as a magnet: that gives its workers the flexibility in their work arrangements that they crave, but that pulls them into the office as much as possible by providing them a strong sense of meaning, satisfaction and joy….

In short, employees shouldn’t go into the office because they have to; they should go because they want to.

“The funny thing is, Yahoo may be building just that kind of spirit. As the company’s financial performance has started to turn around, what’s emerged is what Reses describes as “positive momentum.” “From Sunnyvale to Santa Monica, Bangalore to Beijing—I think we can all feel the energy and buzz in our offices,” she says.

What a shame if a misguided mandate becomes a buzzkill.”