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One21 offers coaching and strategic consulting for coaches, sports executives and high performing individuals.

Who we are

One21 is on a mission to make good coaches great and great coaches better. Through individual coaching and customized programming for leaders and their teams, online and in-person, we are here to help you reach your goals.  Our long-term plan is to be short-term helpful through these unprecedented times.


One21 offers Leadership Coaching for coaches and sports executives. These are complex times for the sports coaches and industry leaders and executives. Coaches and leaders are managing uncertainty, change and disruption to the sports world, as well as, your normal robust work-load and responsibilities. A coach can help who understands the context, responsibilities, challenges and joy of sports.  We have pricing packages that fit the times.


One21 offers strategic advising for leaders and organizations on the technical (competitive) and commercial (business) side of sports. Working with you and your staff, we “consult in context” to uncover your specific needs and develop targeted initiatives to drive results. Individual, small group, and team programming is available.


We collaborate with professionals across multiple industries to create programming and offerings for diverse audiences. There’s nothing more fun and productive than working on interesting projects with high-quality people. Whether business professionals, mindfulness coaches, non-profits, producers, coaches, teachers and others we collaborate to create and deliver valuable products and services. Get in touch if you are interested.

What our clients say